Our Investment Process

At Muecke Financial, our investment process can be characterized as focused and adaptive. We recognize, as a guiding principle, that what works best changes over time. This open minded approach allows us to respond to these changes as they occur.

We do not believe in buy and hold investing, it's simply too risky. Why hold any investment that goes down over several months? We focus on what's working in the current environment. As markets change we adjust.

Unlike many investment professionals, we see little value in making predictions. The market rarely does what it "should", but instead does the opposite, only to confound experts and pundits alike. It's what the market is doing, rather than what it might do, that is our primary focus.

We begin with an asset allocation that's appropriate for each individual client. This establishes the expected returns and volatility. Absent a sustained change in market direction the initial allocation remains in place.

To further reduce risk, we utilize a tactical overlay to preserve gains. Each month we review the original allocation to determine the need for adjustments. In down trending markets some investments may be exchanged for safer alternatives. The depth and duration of these downturns tell us what actions are required.

Diversification and asset allocation strategies do not assure profit or protect against loss. Please consult an advisor prior to making any investment decision.

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